Mist Heart

A Shifting Song

This is a super condensed account of what happened in the Crystal City.

The party, fleeing increased Imperial presence and the impending inquisition flees the The City of Mists. The dwarves, now friends to the party, give them a much needed escape route, the deep ways to Duraminds Rest.

The party flees into the darkness of the dwarvin deep roads. There they find the last legacy of the great dwarvin primarch , Duraminds Rest.

Within Duraminds Rest the party finds an the odd ritualistic maze, ‘The Path of Inheritance’. This passageway seems to be an ancient relic of an elusive figure Malindrid who is some how connected to the ‘ The Heirs of Light’, which is quickly seeming to be more than just a children’s tale. The path culminates into a ritual lead by long dead creatures. At then end of this path Orbaz Felbayne takes the Legacy of the Heirs; an orb of gold and a key of teeth and begins to persue Malindrid.

Later the party finds the path to the underdark. They wander about for some time. There is an episode with a gnomish wizard who seems to be suffering light personality disorder in a tower and a Flumph. Eventually they take possession of the tower’s deed and sink it into lava (but not before setting loose a team of clockwork flower bearers and a huge mecha-tronic arachnibot.

They also find a few Micocyids and through the power of hydration become their savior. Their pony is killed while fleeing cavernous creatures of the deep, very sad.

Finally the party finds The Crystal City at the very bottom of the underdark. At first the Crystal City seems to be a bastion of hope and comfort. Trinso Havenspear helps build a stage, Iona gets drunk and makes enemies of some drow, and Cambraeia Zelphaer has turned into a vegetable. They soon realize that time seems to be resetting at some point in the night. During a city-wide, magically induced sleep every evening the city reforms into a slightly different version and the day is played out over and over again. The group seems to be the only denizens of the city to notice.

The party uses gnomish fireworks as a sort of distraction to calamitous results, it was interesting. During the chaos they enter the central citadel and stop time. Within, they release groups of city folk found in countless cages. During a battle with some of the tower guardians, the group frees the befuddled Great Donaldo, who follows them around reciting poetry. From which, party finds Duramind the lost dwarven primarch. He was sans pants until Whiskers relinquished his own.

Continuing on they encounter a Priestess of Lolth in a menagerie of memories, bottled and frozen. Eventually defeating her, they continue up the tower. A dark secret is discovered. The city is owned completely by an dark force, The Uhgloths.

Using a bizarre ritual Whiskers touches the mind of Amangadalla. The eyes of Amandganda. Whiskers experiences some pretty profound insanity. The small furry companion then leads the party into a portal and through twisting orifice rich landscapes the the center of the Uhgloth’s domain. There they find a great amphitheater and great pit of dominated slaves.

The party discovers that the crystal city was at one time likely the lost city of YOG.

Within the deepest part of the Uhgloth domain the party finds that a piece of the old god, the creeping spider, Amangadalla was anchored to the world by a piece of the first verse. In their hour of need, the party calls upon The Huntress, using the strand of her hair. Answering the call the huntress appears, before the party. The depth of their situation however requires that the party to have spoken to the Winter King. Iona ventures forth as an emissary, returning only moments later with no discernible knowledge of the interaction.

They then kill a few Uhgloths, one escapes. The only path to their victory however, requires the sacrifice of their friend and companion, Cambraeia Zelphaer. With in Cambraeia, a seed had taken root. A seed of the world tree. With this power the party is able to separate the Uhgloths from the power of Amangadalla.

The crystal city is saved! and the party gains an ally in Durrimind and The Udukthir (I changed the name I keep using Iron). Finally the party rides within the chariot of The Huntress into the swirling boughs of the world tree towards the court of the Winter King and new adventure.


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