Mist Heart

A Shifting Song

This is a super condensed account of what happened in the Crystal City.

The party, fleeing increased Imperial presence and the impending inquisition flees the The City of Mists. The dwarves, now friends to the party, give them a much needed escape route, the deep ways to Duraminds Rest.

The party flees into the darkness of the dwarvin deep roads. There they find the last legacy of the great dwarvin primarch , Duraminds Rest.

Within Duraminds Rest the party finds an the odd ritualistic maze, ‘The Path of Inheritance’. This passageway seems to be an ancient relic of an elusive figure Malindrid who is some how connected to the ‘ The Heirs of Light’, which is quickly seeming to be more than just a children’s tale. The path culminates into a ritual lead by long dead creatures. At then end of this path Orbaz Felbayne takes the Legacy of the Heirs; an orb of gold and a key of teeth and begins to persue Malindrid.

Later the party finds the path to the underdark. They wander about for some time. There is an episode with a gnomish wizard who seems to be suffering light personality disorder in a tower and a Flumph. Eventually they take possession of the tower’s deed and sink it into lava (but not before setting loose a team of clockwork flower bearers and a huge mecha-tronic arachnibot.

They also find a few Micocyids and through the power of hydration become their savior. Their pony is killed while fleeing cavernous creatures of the deep, very sad.

Finally the party finds The Crystal City at the very bottom of the underdark. At first the Crystal City seems to be a bastion of hope and comfort. Trinso Havenspear helps build a stage, Iona gets drunk and makes enemies of some drow, and Cambraeia Zelphaer has turned into a vegetable. They soon realize that time seems to be resetting at some point in the night. During a city-wide, magically induced sleep every evening the city reforms into a slightly different version and the day is played out over and over again. The group seems to be the only denizens of the city to notice.

The party uses gnomish fireworks as a sort of distraction to calamitous results, it was interesting. During the chaos they enter the central citadel and stop time. Within, they release groups of city folk found in countless cages. During a battle with some of the tower guardians, the group frees the befuddled Great Donaldo, who follows them around reciting poetry. From which, party finds Duramind the lost dwarven primarch. He was sans pants until Whiskers relinquished his own.

Continuing on they encounter a Priestess of Lolth in a menagerie of memories, bottled and frozen. Eventually defeating her, they continue up the tower. A dark secret is discovered. The city is owned completely by an dark force, The Uhgloths.

Using a bizarre ritual Whiskers touches the mind of Amangadalla. The eyes of Amandganda. Whiskers experiences some pretty profound insanity. The small furry companion then leads the party into a portal and through twisting orifice rich landscapes the the center of the Uhgloth’s domain. There they find a great amphitheater and great pit of dominated slaves.

The party discovers that the crystal city was at one time likely the lost city of YOG.

Within the deepest part of the Uhgloth domain the party finds that a piece of the old god, the creeping spider, Amangadalla was anchored to the world by a piece of the first verse. In their hour of need, the party calls upon The Huntress, using the strand of her hair. Answering the call the huntress appears, before the party. The depth of their situation however requires that the party to have spoken to the Winter King. Iona ventures forth as an emissary, returning only moments later with no discernible knowledge of the interaction.

They then kill a few Uhgloths, one escapes. The only path to their victory however, requires the sacrifice of their friend and companion, Cambraeia Zelphaer. With in Cambraeia, a seed had taken root. A seed of the world tree. With this power the party is able to separate the Uhgloths from the power of Amangadalla.

The crystal city is saved! and the party gains an ally in Durrimind and The Udukthir (I changed the name I keep using Iron). Finally the party rides within the chariot of The Huntress into the swirling boughs of the world tree towards the court of the Winter King and new adventure.

The Corpse Tide
Undeath begets death....


The beginning of the evening started off with the arrival of a ghostly ship into the harbor, greeted by none other than the mysterious Asheria Lockwood. She promptly explained that Taelious could find the Seekers at an address marked on a map. Meanwhile, the party was interrogating Whiskers following his experiments with humans destined for the gallows. After some intense negotiation, it was determined that Whiskers would be tasked with an impossible mission: Infiltrating the Rex Oblitarius.

Shortly there after, Taelious arrived, explaining that nothing else mattered, and that he needed to find the Seekers. After a short questioning period, it was determined that the party were these ‘Seekers’ he was after, and that we were needed to prevent his companions from reaching the Mist Heart, and allowing their portions of the First Verse to find their way into the Citadel hidden in the mists.

When the party showed hesitation to finding these two Barrow Lords immediately, Taelious left, taking up a post as near to the High Bridge as possible. While this ended up being outside of Saint Duncan’s Keep, instead of on the bridge itself,

Our party of adventures then began with troop placements, making sure the incoming tide of undeath would be held off as long as possible. Almost immediately, Trinso Havenspear , Cambraeia Zelphaer , and Taelious were forced to prevent the line from collapsing, aided by McKlenick . After hacking off many body parts and rescuing the footmen of the Aurora Guard, Silear arrived to inform the group that the first of the Barrow Lords had arrived on the other side of the river. Taelious immediately dashed off, determined to prevent the Lords from reaching the Mist Heart.

Just as Silear flew overhead, Ionia Levinica Aurelius was coming down the river on the raft built to catapult the remains of the revenant into the mists. Upon spotting the towering figure of the Barrow Lord, Ionia ordered the siege engineer Bruno von Heimlich to fire a boulder covered in oil. The siege engineer grumbled about having had the opportunity to go to art school, but his father had forced him into engineering, he fired off a perfect shot, nailing the Hag right in the face. She screamed and reeled, falling backward and trying to retreat off the dock before Whiskers,Orbaz, and Fulminus finished her off, only for a ear shrieking howl to pierce the night.

Cambraeia, Trinso, and McKlenick all stayed to reinforce the line, and coordinate troop movements. Suddenly, a large surge of zombies arrived from the east, forcing the line to fall back, and group up at secondary locations. Cambraeia ran off for help, while McKlenick and Trinso stayed behind to keep access to the bridge to Highhill and the Mist Heart protected. Slowly the zombies shambled up the road, building up to overwhelming odds. With a small prayer, and encouragement to the men of the Aurora Guard, Trinso set up at the bottom of the stairs with his Battle Brother, ready to fight to the last breath to keep the city safe. As the zombies arrived, the pair jumped right into the fray, assisted by a dwarven strong-box, and a dozen men with bows, hacking and slashing their way through a huge number of the undead, assisted by a wall of spiritual guardians in pummeling the front line before being overwhelmed. A blast of divine energy, fearing the zombies away bought precious moments, allowing a few quick heals before heading back into combat. Tirelessly, they swung their twinned axes, buying as much time for the city above as possible. Eventually the pair wore down, slowly being clamored over by the horde. As he lay there dying, Trinso had a flash of vision, an man in a robe helping lift him to his feet, and informing them he had done well, but it was not his time to die yet. As the world suddenly came back into view, the war cleric took a ragged gasp, leaning over to push the last of his magic into the body of his battle-bonded dwarven friend, reviving the now correctly identified female dwarf back from the edges of death itself. Together, they limped to the edge of the market square, looking around at the countless littered bodies of foes, intermixed with the remains of the brave soldiers who fought beside them.

With Trinso and McKlenick on the brink of death, the settled into a defensive formation, ready to fight the second of the Barrow Lords, the lord of the Moon. Luckily, the rest of the party arrived in time, drawing attention away from the nearly dead pair of warriors. With a few well placed attacks, the deadly wolf was silenced in no time.

Upon his death, Taelious began to fade into the mists, being pulled deep into the heart of the island. He gave a warning as he melted away into the mists, his giant glass sword falling to the ground to splinter into two sword sized pieces, a parting gift to the Fairest child of the party, Cambraeia. In addition, an enormous beast rose out of the water several miles away from the city, leaving a new target for our adventurous party in the next session.

Lullabies to Paralyze

The companions, during the observation of detainees in the garrison, were able to confirm their suspicions about the troubled sleep that the Fallows have been experiencing. With the help of the Spectrum Goggles, they witness the small aberrations feeding of the sleep, as outlined in Recorded Abhorrent Things.

They call on, Cambraeia and track the progress of the creatures through the city and down towards the UnterGarten. There they find the aberrations swarming into a seemingly empty storage facility. They continue on, seeking out their destination.

Descending into the compound, they find a large room, illuminated only by their magically created light. Cambeia sends her pseudodragon, Spud, to probe a hole in the ceiling. It reveals the beginning of a network of tunnels before being attacked by something, sending it scampering back to the elf. Trinso alights a stone, sending it ahead in their path. It seems to trigger a mechanism; several taught ropes overhead spring into place and a large boulder drops ahead.

They continue on as best as they can.

Entering a huge subterranean chamber, they explore their possible routes. To the east they find a large beast feeding on the black sludge covering the room with tentacles extending from it’s body. To the northwest they find a group of stitched abominations, seeming to play cards, or at least a facsimile of it.

They also inspect the edge of the chasm, opening up into a yawning hole almost impossibly wide, with no clear idea of it’s depth. From a distance, they hear the echoed reverberations of a voice, difficult to pinpoint it or hear it clearly.

They decide to try their luck with the figures around the table. The group engage with the golems, crashing their would-be card game. A super-buffing Haste spell, a spooky disembodied paw, an elf getting McStabby, an undead fear bomb and several fiery attacks later, the stitched abominations are utterly destroyed.

Whiskers and Cambeia scout ahead, finding a cavernous room with an innocuous wardrobe in the center. Whiskers investigates, finding a finely made black cloak. Admiring the craftsmanship, he dons the cloak; upon which time it is revealed that the cloak seems alive, wrapping itself around the helpless mousling and burying it’s sharp edges into his flanks. Cambreia gives it a few pokes with her sword, disengaging it from her companion; it slinks into the shadows.

Cambreia attempts to flee back to her waiting group but is cut off by several small cave dwellers. They weave a fierce magic around the elf, drawing upon her deep rooted fears. As she is falling to the onslaught, Whiskers engages in a cloak and dagger game with the Spooky Cloak, both using the shadows to mask their movements.

Whiskers eventually gain the attention of the rest of the group. Trinso, Ionia and Orbaz rush in to help beat back the vermin and restore Cambeia.

Where Diligence is Due

Oblivious to much around him, Orbaz Felbayne strode through the compound. Those still unfamiliar with the tiefling might have failed to notice the complexion of his face. How the skin had seemed to fade several hues from it’s normal ashen coloration, the deep smudges of grey around his stark, glowing eyes.

Lacking the strength even to pull it free, his zweihander still protruded from the side of the hulking arachnid beast he and his colleagues had just slain. With a general vague look, he watched as troops dashed around the garrison, intent on reinforcing the garrison again. The paladin’s task complete; he stumbled along, finding his way to the relative quiet of his chambers.

Fetching a pail of water from a cistern that the dwarves had constructed nearby, Orbaz washed away the mud and ichor from himself, uncertain at times where the blood came from. The gore that spewed from the nightmarish creatures on the walls seemed indiscernible from that of his own garroting wounds.

As the cool water flowed over him, he felt the strains of chaotic day begin to ebb slightly. The tiefling felt a moment of trepidation in his command; was it not easier to let the mantle fall on the others? Sure, they were capable to the task and certainly were no friends of the Awoken Eye. It would be merciful, even. What did he know of leading? There were plenty of those with more experience, many who could be depended on. Theodora and Elizabeth Gibbs are a clear indication of that. Yes, he could be on a boat tonight, with a destination as unknown as tomorrow.

A knock at his chamber door stole him away from his reverie. Bidding the visitor to enter, he was disappointed to be greeted by one of the runners from 3rd Column. He reported the circumstances of the Column, currently in the field of the Fallows. The disturbance they had been directed to suppress was for the moment under their control. The paladin listened quietly, masking his distraction with brusque nods at all of the appropriate intervals while heating a kettle for his tea.

Once the runner was finished and dismissed, Orbaz sat at his modest desk, perplexed at the swirl of emotions. He found himself wishing that the Captain had reported in herself.

He had witnessed Captain Volathar among her troops. She was admired and respected by those under her guidance. Not only because of her prowess in combat, which was considerable; but also because she tempered her authority with a wisdom and thoughtfulness that Orbaz found to be a rare quality in the world. It certainly didn’t evade the tiefling that Leorian was easy on the eyes, what with her crooked smile and locks of hair that was the color of a fire red sun setting over a shining sea.

The pressure of the kettle rose to a boiling pitch, whistling steam from it’s top. Seeing to it, Orbaz stirred in a thick pinch of shredded tarbean leaf and settling down to his work. A map of the Fallows lay unfurled on his table, pinned down with a large candle, the spectrum goggles and an old, leather bound book. He traced his fingers lovingly over the indentation on the cover, “The Ransom of Zarek”.

item_-_ransom_of_zarek.jpg Opening up the book to a loose sheet tucked away in in the pages, he lifted the page and remembered the cryptic message from the copy in the Gibb’s Grand Library. The enemy at the gates, the rising tide, even the blood red moon … it all seemed to fade away as he focused on the ‘Heirs of Light’ … and what they could possibly mean to him.

The crossroads

Two part adventure. [please if you would add an expand various sections of this as you get to them]

1. first the party exists the mist. Iona has a crisis of faith, and returns to the grand cathedral of man for consultation w/ a reverend mother of the church.

The party retires for the evening, their new companion McKlenick begins his funeral rights for his fallen battle brother.

When the party comes to in the morn they find the fallows in a state of upheaval. after investigation it is found that fires rage in two separate places in the fallows. Orbaz, in a valiant display of public speaking, gathers the support of a collection of onlookers. The party and the mob of people set forth to put the fires out. There is much general heroism and baby saving. Cambria saves a baby, Whiskers prevents a clandestine lab from exploding. After the fires are put out, Whiskers offers the gnome (WILHELM LINK) a job doing research into alchemical explosives. The general source of the fires seams to be in some way connected to the activities of the awoken god. The party discovers that through out the city various sites of Awoken cult activity has exploded and set fire to surrounding buildings.

The next day, Iona does something (SUSIE WRITE DIZ PLZ). Orbaz and Cambria spend the afternoon poring over the intricate scroll provided for them by the elusive Pan, as encountered in The Bridge. The so called Book of the Crossroads is obtuse to say the least, its revelations still remain to be unveiled.

At the same time, Trinzo ventures for to find his dear old friend, Rickets [DECEASED] whom was still rumored to live. Retracing ingrained muscle memory trinzo returns to old haunts to find the fate of his once friend. Upon consulting with an old float dealer trinzo learns that perhaps rickets can be found deeper in the fallows. Before leaving however, Trinso succumbs to old habits and indulges his vice, Float. In a haze, trinso wanders the streets of the fallows looking for Rickets. Finally after much searching Rickets is found ministering to his flock. In typical fashion Rickets preaches the bizarre twisted doctrine of the awoken god, Enlightenment through communion etc. Trinso Confronts Rickets, accosting the frail old man. Perhaps it was a side-effect of the narcotic is recently imbibed, or something else, but the reality perceived by Trinso seamed to have a distinct break from that seen by those in the vicinity. Seeing a horrid facsimile of a man, Trinso drew his holy symbol and smote the old drug addict. In the aftermath of battle, trinso discovers his fatal mistake. What he thought was an aberration from beyond the understanding of man, was is fact a simple drug addicted old man. In his guilt Trinso returns to the barracks of the Aurora guard, the body of rickets in tow. In a a gesture of repentance trinso spends the evening barring preforming funerary rights for the man. To satiate some deep set desire for repentance, trinso then retires to hold funeral vigil with the mourning dwarf McKlenick.

Whiskers spends the day recruiting Gnomish laboratory assistants. (GNOME LINKS). it seams that the two gnomish brothers have a long standing rivalry. In a devious plot Whiskers conceives a way to play the two of them against one another and recruit the two of them, together with their mechanical assistants.

Part II – Funeral Rites

While Trinso sits vigil with the fallen dwarf, the rest of the companions mill about the Aurora Guard Garrison. They are called on by Dwark MacLoahir, who is horrified to find out their lack of readiness for the second half of the dwarven funeral ceremonies. He immediately coordinates the necessary preparations.

The eulogistic hymns of the grieving McKlenick reaches a crescendo before he explodes from the vigil, to be greeted with the rest of the dwarven community. He rushes out in a blaze of glory, lashing out to those around in a chaotic tornado of furious limbs, effectively turning the assembly into a vigorous crowd of thumping body contact.

Fulminus Tryanith, seemingly greatly disconcerted by the dense flurry of activity, clambers up the walls and hangs himself out of reach on the ceiling, weaving himself a cocoon of sorts. Trinso, fully embracing the dwarven customs, aligns himself with some of the fiercest of the crowd, drawing the admiring nods of many dwarves. Orbaz listens intently to the dwarven drinking ballads and with a wave of inspiration, sings out with the dwarves. At the conclusion of the epic ballad, he jumps onto a nearby table and extends it with an additional stanza in a clarion call ringing through the halls, much to the appreciation of the dwarf power-drinkers.

(I can’t remember if Whiskers or Cambreia had interaction during the party, so plz supplement here if someone recalls anything notable.)

This continues for three full days.

At the end of which the dwarves, as cheerful and high spirited as the day is long, pack away the empty kegs and any ceremonial armor that survived the introductory clash and were on their way, leaving the companions in various states of disarray.

Troop inspection
Seeing Dwarvin compound.

Sesh 2. “fixing” gang problems.
encountering flesh dorm.
sleepless night.

The Bridge

Part I

The party finds themselves in a vast, chasm with the Warden hefting his vicious zweihander. A tome bound in thick leather swings off the end of the hilt on a pair of chains. Moving knowingly through a scattering of portals, the Warden moves furiously toward Ionia and clashes with the group.

The Warden trades blows with the a few adventurerers for a time, then recedes a moment; beginning a metamorphosis. Seeming to bend the dimensions of space itself, he bulks up considerably and begins filling the room with a nefarious black ooze, causing the heroes stuck below to run for higher ground. Trinso sees Ionia to the safety of the platform before trudging himself through the inky blackness.

From the darkness springs a pair of ferocious displacer beasts, whipping their tendrils to and fro savagely as they grapple close to Cambraeia, who had been firing arrows into the Warden. Seeing his elf companion in a dire situation, Orbaz charges at the displacer, hacking off several of it's flaying tentacles.

A second displacer springs forward and Trinso charges. As the cleric batters at it with both his spirit weapon and his mace, a nearby Fulminus wrenches open his jaw, spewing forth a blast of acid onto a nearby displacer, leaving it a puddle of gelatinous bone and tendons.

Ionia fires witch bolts at the Warden as he moves again through the dimensional portals. Catching one of the dwarves by surprise, he cleaves through his stout neck, lobbing off his head cleanly. The dwarf's noggin falls through the portal, landing at the feet of his companion. Upon witnessing firsthand the gory death of his friend, the other dwarf drives into a bloodrage, lashing out at the Warden with brutal swings of his greataxe. 

Fighting on, the group watches on in horror as the Warden transforms yet again. From his back erupts a macabre sinew which grows and grows, spilling forth and taking on much more mass than seems possible, for when it finishes it lifts the somewhat humanoid form of the Warden and hangs him gruesomely from the appendage. Whiskers springs into the maw of the huge creature and stabs wildly into the warden's dangling body before the abomination snaps it's wide jaws closed, narrowly missing the fleeing mousling.

Seeing her friend strike deeply what seems to be a weak spot, Cambreia vaults acrobatically onto it's face. The monstrocity was ready for her though; nimble as she is he was able to rake his abominable teach across her body. The young elf plunges her shortsword deep into the rapidly putrefying flesh before falling unconscious before the grotesque horror.

With an uncanny quickness, the huge girth of the warden heaves itself around his lair and catches many of the heroes in a blast of his fiery breath, withering what remains of the lone displacer beast and striking hard over Ionia and Whiskers. In the confusion, a thick cloud of is randomly expelled from the fallen sorcerer.

Recovering from the blast, Trinso signals to Orbaz, motioning toward the monstrosity towering over the mist. The paladin, in a fury for having seen many of his comrades fall, charged the brute. With a word, his greatsword emanated with a beaming energy. Leaping into the air, the tiefling cleaved with his greatsword, driving it deep. A blinding light flowed through the putrid flesh sending ripples of radiant fire in crackling waves throughout it's corpulent body.

It's death wail reverberated through the chasm, shaking the foundation of the complex itself. Bricks loosened from the ceiling, clambered down around the party; they were quick to make their escape. With a last minute thought, Orbaz solemnly wrapped his cloak around the vicious zweihander, still chained to the tome, now loosened from the Warden's dead grasp and hefted it onto his shoulder. The group rushed through a small wooden door on the opposite side of the small circular Warden's chamber.

Part II – Coming Soon

The group rush through the door, each in varying degrees of conciousness; one after another they tumble through to the other side. They find themselves on a long platform with what appear to be crates of supplies strewn about, the resounding bells of the  Keep of Saint Duncan chiming surprisingly close at there backs. They appeared to be on the off-limits end of the bridge leading directly into the Mists and there didn't appear to be anybody else around. The gloom of nightfall blanketed the city; it was certainly late in the evening.

Struggling to their feet, the adventurers stumble forward warily, attempting to detect what little they can from staring into the Mist. Trinso finds what appears to be rotten fruit from the elven orchards of  House Fairkin. Feeling thoroughly permeated in the fetid 'awakened' magic, Orbaz boots a stack of the crates off the side of the platform in a fit of resentment.

Whiskers meanders forward toward the solid wall of the mist in quiet contemplation. With a moment's hesitation he grasps his tail before him and lets it dip slightly in the bruming cloud wall before him. In an instant he's pulled forward and is enveloped completely.

Orbaz runs forward in a futile attempt to pull the mousling from beyond. He slumps to the ground, overcome with despair. With a furrowed brow Ionia walked up to stand at his side. Her face showing deep consternation, she steps past the paladin, also consumed by the mist.

Cambreia cocks her head to the side, hearing a faint melody. It's soothing … familiar, even? As if returning to a home half forgotten, the young elf follows her comarades.

With a heart full of doubt, Orbas grasps the chained disks given to him by Chronicler Belsavis and plunges headlong into the thick haze. 

Fulminus and Trinso give one another a slight glance, then both proceed into the unknown.


Part III (Coming Soon)

The heroes are all transported to an unknown place that seems to resonate with ancient magical energy, each coming together on their own path. Converging on a central area in dense trees and foliage, they are met by a being of immense power. Branding himself as ‘Puck’, the being is seems to have a knowledge of the workings emanating in Mist Heart; and much more.

The group all seem to react in varying degrees to the one known as Puck. (Please feel free to contribute your own reactions, point of view. This seems like a fairly big moment in this story, I could use help cataloging the events accurately.)

The paladin Orbaz Felbayne kneels before the entity, trying to comprehend it’s cryptic message when suddenly a thought forms in his mind, a thought to draw forth his greatsword and cleave this creature in twain. He finds it difficult to focus. It’s as if there is something goading him to action … no, to reaction. An urge to lash out; at this enigmatic Puck … at everything around him … at his dear friends.

Orbaz is rattled to his core. Reaching out with his minds eye, he attempts to grasp at his dissolving sanity with gore-drenched hands. The tiefling can feel the ichor of slain nightmares cover his once shining breastplate, it seems to pulse with it’s own life unholy light.

At the edge of his abyss, he hears the sound of tinkling chimes. He focuses with all his strength on the canticle of belles that permeate the air; it’s sound rings through the trees. Orbaz feels a weight lifted slightly on his beleaguered soul.


The Long, Twisting Dark

Pt. I

After the events of friends in high places, the group is found in dire straights. Ionia and Orbaz are left standing after the brutal encounter with Father Jacobson and his shadow beasts. Whiskers fell to the overwhelming Float billowing through the room and Trinso succumbed to the dark magics after heroically fortifying the Sorceress and Paladin for the finishing blow. They both are unconscious, sailing through the ocean of their dark visions.

From out of nowhere, Cambraeia somersaults to the heroes. She had beenassisting the group with an unseen shadow beast; keeping it occupied the entire time. She also falls comatose, as she is overly sensitive to the Float.

Both Ionia and Orbaz turn to notice that the remaining vagrants that had attended the Dark Sermon have been begun a twisted transformation. Their limbs crack and bend, contorting in unnatural ways. At least two dozen in numbers, for now they seem preoccupied with their metamorphosis. Ionia gathers her helpless comrades and tends as best as she can to them. They stabilize, but seem to be caught in the black net of their float dreams as a bellowing screech echoes through the rough stonework of the dark halls.

Orbaz tries to topple a giant brazier to put the burning coals between the creatures and the group; to no effect. The creaking cultists begin shuffling towards them as he attempts to desperately bar the giant doors. As he does so, a blazing flash tears through the doors, coming to rest in the center of the of the room. The light is truly intense; burning through the residual float clouds and driving all the demented creatures to flee back to any shadow. The glare lessens and they are able to discern a large, crystalline owl who beholds Orbaz intently.

He locks eyes with the great, majestic beast and in that moment is spirited away. He gains a wonderful vision of being jettisoned from the cliff over the city and finally being given a long, yearned for freedom; a release from imprisonment. Orbaz’s heart erupts with exhilaration as he soars high over the City of Mist. He basks in the sunlight for a bit before the sense of time shifts. Soon he finds himself flying through The Fallows, an all too familiar sight of the Church of the Awoken God, now surrounded by the horrific sight of hundreds of cloaked figures. Blasting through their ranks, he dives through the entrance and winds through the twisting halls as his vision blurs to whiteness.

Orbaz rubs his eyes as he finds himself again before the crystalline owl. “Sylear..?” he mumbles, finally understanding. Bringing forth a crumpet from Whisker’s heavy stock, he extends it forward in offering but she only nips at it playfully. Orbaz then lays his open hand on the head of the magical beast and senses how deeply her release of pure energy had taxed her. Drawing back his hand slightly, she seems to alter herself; after a moment she is in his hand and returned to the form of the stone wrought statuette. With care, he placed the warm figurine in his pack.

Pt. II

With the monstrosities lingering in the shadows, Orbaz and Ionia take the opportunity to fall back with their friends in tow, delving deeper into the lair. Upon a brief examination of a large shrine, they continue downward into a hidden passageway. They ponder the strange physical anomalies occurring around them; as they walk down the passage the path in front of them seems to twist and distort unbelievably. A torch ahead on the ceiling above may be inexplicably be on the wall when they walk to it.

Far above the chiming bells of Keep of Saint Duncan ring out in a wave of revitalization. The unconscious party members come to, feeling freshened and invigorated. They advance into the depths, aware of the creeping Awakened magics registering on Orbaz’s Spectrum Goggles.

Immediately upon entering the the complex, they hear a pair of voices speaking in dwarven. Upon investigation, the group find the dwarves that had gone missing in nearby cells, McKlenick and Denrick. They have an unrealistic assessment of the passage of time since their capture; Ionia cleverly attempts to take note of the current passing of time with her spells. Trinso stands guard over the nearby door while they search the area.

They also come across a clever young man by the name of Fulminus Tryanith, who claims to be a prisoner as well. Accepting a crumpet from Whiskers, Fulminus promptly torches it in his hand and devours the ash left in it’s wake. The wizard certainly has a strangeness about him, but for now the group decides to bring him along. Fulminus and the dwarves warn of a nightmarish abomination they simply call ‘The Jailer’, who watches over these decrepit prison.

Searching the rest of the cells only reveal butchered remains of almost unidentifiable origin. As far as they can tell, they seem to be more vagabonds and drifters of abject poverty; the throwaways of the City of Mist. As Orbaz recites the last rites for the poor souls, Whiskers peeks over his shoulder for anything he might deem useful in this dreadful place. The heroes move forward, searching ahead for clues while being mindful of hidden dangers.


Continuing on into a large chamber with a bonfire centering it, the group notice that the area branches out several different passageways. Realizing with horror the fire is actually a pile of burning bodies, they decide not to linger.

Upon encountering a hallway of grim cells placed along the floor, the group stops to probe further. The jail cell seems as mundane as the rest of the rooms, with one exception. When looking through the grates along the floor, the group sees that the pail and the straw bedding are attached to the wall. Cambreia acrobatically leaps down into the first floor cell, only to be surprised when the gravity seems to rotate around; landing her painfully on her head.

The group continue to consider the bizarre incidents. Suddenly, there is a horrendous wail from further down the hall. Looking around the corner, Orbaz notices the sconces on the walls dimming; then extinguishing altogether. With a rush, the dwarves jump into a cell with Cambreia, urging the rest to do the same and avert their eyes.

Whiskers and Orbaz fall into a seperate cell; Trinso and Ionia do as well. Fulminus, in one of the other rooms, bars the door and jumps into his own cell.

Orbaz notices Whiskers fiddling with one of his home-brewed phosphorous grenades and jumps on top of him, smothering the mousling and covering their eyes. Ionia and Trinso hide away, using a mirror to reflect an image of the passageway back to them. They see a hideous amalgamation of flesh dragging a vicious cleaver and nefarious chains in it’s wake. With it’s massive girth, it was hard to tell from their vantage point in the cell how the gravity was effecting it. As it passes, a cruel eye in it’s flesh turns it’s gaze towards the mirror; they turn it away just in time.

After it’s passing, the group shakily re-convenes. Orbaz grimly conveys to Ionia that according to his timepiece, almost 12 hours have passed since their arrival…


The group continue on, encountering a strange series of hallways that seem to connect the passages impossibly together. Ionia and Trinso discover a furnace room when suddenly Orbaz is assailed by screeching, hellbent cadavers. The group cut them down and delayed only long enough to see that the fallen foes had made a nest out of the ravaged bodies of Mist City’s peasantry.

The group press on and after a brief discussion on the best route, decide to turn their attention on the great hulking beast’s lair. They find a large, multi-layered arena with a bottomless chasm in the very center, with the massive jailer guarding over their only way out.

The Jailer grappled continuously with the heroes, attempting to pull them into his great girth while with a great lashing out of his chains, mindless zombies fell to the floor. The heroes attacked from many sides and proved capable to the challenge and slayed the lumbering abomination.

With the sound of the monsters scraping at the door behind them, they had no choice but to continue forward.

The hall ahead twists in impossible contours and begin smoothing out into smooth walls of the deepest black. It ends in a plain, wooden door that opens to a small circular room. Centering the room is a single man sitting vigil with strange tattoos covering his torso and an all too familiar band of cloth over his eyes. He divulges little else other than stating that he is the prison; that he has always been here.

Ionia, sensing this being’s deranged sense of duty, bluffs that prisoners have escaped from his watch. Stirring a crisis of it’s existance, the warden arms himself with a vicious looking zweihander. The heroes, who had been crowding into the small chamber, now find themselves in a huge expanse with ever-changing platforms.

The cryptic tattoos convulse and split open revealing several wicked eyes all over his body. They turn their gaze to the group and battle is joined.

Friends in High Places
Fighting in the Dark

Emboldened with their new purpose to seek out the abominations that twisted their dear friend Rickets [DECEASED?] the party begins to move with purpose.

First the part meets with the Gibbs Daughters, Elizabeth Gibbs and Theodora Gibbs. After their recent father’s departure, the daughters have come into power and seam to be putting it to good use. Making good on promises of aid to the party the daughters donate a base of operation and the promise of future resources. Having not had close contact with such powerful political figures before, Orbaz finds them to be charming.

After dropping her disguise Ionia Levinica Aurelius, inquires as to the whereabouts of her “dear friend” Octoravious. Iona learns the forlorn noble is no longer in residence with the Gibbs house.

Following this Orbaz Felbayne investigates the mysterious owl figurine. He feels some type of connection to it, as well as a suggestion; “Seek Durramind’s rest”. Not certain what to expect, Orbaz presently throws the statuette off a cliff.

Next on the agenda for the party is following up on a cryptic not from the Lockwoods. Upon reaching the Lockwood’s manor, the party is given a rare privilege; admittance to the estates of furtive elves. The party then meet their case worker, an elf they met back in Making a Stand. The elf then tell them that the handling of their case in the aftermath of Bad Moon Rising was unacceptable. Apologies were extended and the party enters into an ad-hoc contract with the Lockwoods. The terms of their deal; a trade of any information pertaining to the assassination of [[:sternbrig-gibbs | Sternbrig Gibbs [deceased] ]], any information pertaining to the ritual preformed on that night, as well as one Fruit, in exchange the party learns the whereabouts of Caltarthien, Strotzenbru Flotski Gibbs and Whiskers’ brothers. They learn that Firstly Caltarthien is involved in some consortium of arcane spell casters back in Aelostrian. Further she seeks passage from the city in two two days hence. Secondly they discover that Strotzenbru Flotski Gibbs was recruited to the Gibbs family after fleeing the Swindlherst family’s wrath for some slight against them. They also learn that the mad old gnome was likely compelled to act as he did through arcane means. Finally it is discovered that Whiskers family has likely been transported to the Rex Oblitarius. Finally, They lock-woods also traded future access to certain portions of their library in exchange for documents found the the hidden laboratory in the Gibbs manor.

Last on a long list of meeting form the party, The Croft family. The party finds their dear friend Drummand Croft in much the same affable mood. This time however, the croft family seams to have a newly developed interest in the Moon. They tell the party that although the moon looks to be the same as the moon everyone knows and loves, it is in fact slightly different, namely in geography (should that be lunaography?) . He pushes the party to investigate the fraternal brotherhood of our awoken god. He also promises some level of assistance in relation to the Rex Oblitarius. Interestingly drummand notes that on his morning commute to work he was accosted by dear old Rickets [DECEASED?]. He also tells them that folks memories of the events of Bad Moon Rising are hazy at best. Perhaps the party are the only ones who clearly remember the events of that fateful evening?

Finally upon checking up on their new digs The party meetsDwark MacLoahir. They inform him of at least some of the happenings in the last few days. Dwark also pushes the party to investigate the bizarre cult of the fraternal brotherhood of our awoken god. Two of Dwark’s family members went in to investigate under the guise of a Hot Rock delivery, and never returned. Being the inquisitive type he is, Orbaz Felbayne inquires about Durrimand’s rest. Dewark tells him that Durrimand was the older brother of Nosagor Macloahir. Durrimand, hearing the call of the stone retreated under ground to dig for the gods below. Durrimand’s rest is the name given to the last tunnel where the retiring dwarf was seen.

Finally the party, getting their collective ass in gear to go deliver some justice go to investigate the fraternal brotherhood of our awoken god. The odd cult occupies an oddly lavish compound in the midst of one of the nastiest neighborhoods deep in the fallows. With in the church’s walls our intrepid heroes find a building inhabited only by one blind woman and a cohort of incomprehensible junkies. At some time known only to the reclusive (INSERT FATHER JACOBSON), service is called. The players follow the sea of mumbling float addicts into the tabernacle. Once there Father Jacobson’s two mysterious assistants lock the doors and call the congregation to order. The service began with the immolation of an enormous globe of float. As the acrid fumes begin to fill the room, the party jumps into action, assaulting Father Jacobson. At the first sign of hostility, the reverend reveals his true colors, casting a nasty barrage of spells. Furthermore, the two “alter boys” revealed their nature. After an inspired use of daylight on the part of Trinso Havenspear, and a fortuitous wild magic surge from Ionia Levinica Aurelius the party was victorious. However, during the course of their battle with Father Jacobson, most of the party inhaled an enormous quantity of float. After dropping into a drug induced hallucination, most of the party experience disconcerting visions of an oddly… maternal nature?

Gaining an Audience

The group collects themselves after the events of Bad Moon Rising and seeks a safe house. The group is debriefed by their operation handler from House Lockwood, during which it is discovered the they have breached the contract. As reparation, the Lockwood agent agrees to allow the group to gain audience with the Gibbs daughters.

The next day, adjoining the sun and the moon, an additional Blood Moon appears to be in the same spot as when the zenith of the ritual was taking place. It hasn't moved from that location or dulled in it's luminosity. Ionia Levinica Aurelius makes contact with Octoravious to determine the use of continuing the 'friendship'.

Octoravious seems to have fallen from favor. The Gibbs heiresses conduct an appointment with the group, formally thanking them for their recent efforts. Orbaz Felbayne attempts to appeal to their good nature to assist the group by way of political power (i.e. funds, manpower, garrison usage, etc). They appear responsive.

The group visits the College of Free Magi to potentially pool knowledge on the strange astrological occurrence of the Blood Moon; they divulge quite a bit of technical information on the to Albus Albinius. At the mention of the Cult of the Waking Eye, they are promptly ordered off of the premises. They do receive a note from one of the underlings, urging them to meet him later that evening.

The group attends the dual coronation of the Gibbs daughters. It goes pretty well. En route to the meeting place of the junior member from the College of Free Magi, they encounter a blindfolded Rickets [DECEASED?] preaching to a gathering audience in the fallows. Whiskers is appalled by the bloody bandage over Rickets' eyes. Orbaz is appalled by the blasphemous rhetoric the Rickets is spewing. They engage the mad prophet. A hard fought encounter ensues.

The group drags themselves to the meeting with the Free Magus, Steinricht Villers. He tells the group that the College could potentially be caught up with studying the strange magical properties of the mist, even so much so that some level corruption is likely. He tells the group that there are others who fear what this could mean to the world, but is hesitant to commit further information/resources at this time.

Bad Moon Rising

The masquerade ball held by Sternbrig Gibbs is looming a few days away and the group takes time to prepare.

Whiskers and Cambraeia Zelphaer traverse down into the depths of UnterGarten to harvest poisons from the exotic lifeforms that live below. Trinso Havenspear and Orbaz Felbayne make a trip to the Missionary District to procure a set of holy symbols for personal use, only to be arrested by the authorities for suspicious activity.

Ionia Levinica Aurelius spent her time a little more productively, falling in with and gaining the trust of Octoravious, a foreign courtier currently holding court at the Gibbs Manor.

After a meeting with Dwark MacLoahir to get him up to speed on the current happenings, the party attends the ball…

Ionia is presented, accompanied by Orbaz with Trinso attending as an escort. She quickly attaches herself alongside Octoravious as the courtier indulges in the pleasures of the evening. This allows Orbaz to step away and investigate the library which is currently off limits.

Meanwhile, Whiskers is introduced as a foreign dignitary with Cambraeia disguised as his secretary. Disengaging from the festivities to explore the gardens, they make short work of the hedge maze and break into a tool shed. This exposes an alternate route into the manor through what seems to be a laboratory of some sort. It was filled with living test subjects submerged in huge vats of blue liquid. They appeared to be from harsh lifestyles.

As the elf and the mousling were deep in the underworks of the manor, the party upstairs raged on. Guests were engaging in varying levels of depravity as Ionia coaxed Octoravius to introduce her to more of the prestigious guests. Trinso kept overwatch, noting the odd markings that made up the dance floor. At that moment Orbaz was meandering through the library, feeling more comfortable than he has felt since arriving in Mist Heart. He noticed an impromptu workstation set up for Caltarthien, with informational text on the local government and military set aside in particular.

He also finds what appears to be familiar text in the library’s copy of ‘The Ransom of Zarek’ by Marobal Sul in the form of a numbered code, though the meaning and origination elude him. Tearing the pages from the book, he stashes it away and waits. Trinso soon joins him, with Ionia following closely after with the courtier looking quite inebriated. Ionia dispatches Octoravious and takes some time to impersonate the partygoer.

While Orbaz and Trinso probe into Sternbrig Gibbs’s hidden office, Ionia returns to the revelry and accompanies him and his retinue as they ascend to the viewing. By now Whiskers and Cambraeia had made it further along the underworks, with an interesting tome on macabre runeworking and pocketfuls of expensive looking curios in tow. They continue on and find Orbaz and Trinso milling about behind a false shelf. United again, they lay in wait at the trap door leading up to the viewing platform of the observatory.

Ionia ascends with the rest of the viewing party comprised of Sternbrig Gibbs, the court magus Reshavark Outozarch, the elven historian Caltarthien and the gnomish technician Strotzenbru Flotski Gibbs. Trying desperately to communicate to Sternbrig, Ionia gains the attention of Outozarch. He blasts her with dark energy, chaining a burning crown upon her brow. Ionia falls in line beside him.

The rest of the party witnesses the ritual as the telescopic machinery reflects the light of the moon onto a large occult symbol. They watch as a female in the group gashes her hand with a blade, spilling the wound onto the altar.

Seeing his opportunity, Whiskers then leaps from his vantage point on the catwalk, landing swiftly on the altar before Sternbrig Gibbs and drives his rapier through his girthy neck and out the back of his head. In the chaos that follows, the heroes destroy several nightmarish creatures and slay Outozarch, who turns out to be a powerful warlock agent.


At this point he elf, who merely spectates the battle, seems to dissapparate when the group turns to her, leaving them alone with the dumbfounded gnome. They distribute loot while Whiskers leaves his assassins mark knifed onto the corpse of Briggs. On the corpse of Mr. Reshavark Outozarch the party finds: a Set of +1 Glamoured armor (given to Iona). A bag of holding (given to Whiskers). A small Dark stone Owl statue engraved with the word “ceilear” (givnen to Orbaz). potions, scrolls and valuables plundered from the manor. Also on the scene Trinso Havenspear retrieves a leather bound grimoire

They resist the churning chaos of the revelry below and escape into the night, noticing that the blood red moon is still full in the sky, as if time stopped having an effect on it.


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