Today the sunrise breaks over the horizon; it’s light seeming unable to banish away the heavy deluge of morning mist creeping out from deep within Mist City.

Through much of the night the grey darkness flowed out with frigid waves, causing nightwatchmen to grasp at their heavy woolen cloaks and lean into their fires. Alas, the braziers seemed more to remind them of the cold darkness that lay outside of the light rather than provide any warmth or comfort.

The mist seemed to ooze through the cracks of windows, under and around passageway doors. It permeated entire structures; enveloping the lower districts and upper reaches alike, roiling the dreamscape of the denizens of the city as a stone muddies the water of a clear stream.


Come morning, the city was still and silent. As the denizens woke from their fitful sleep, few seemed much inclined to speak out in much more than whispers, none willing to articulate what little they can remember from the dreary hours of the night. Indeed minstrels in the high houses tried in a futile attempt to cut through the quiet with song and cheer only to be silenced by their lords, their hymns ringing uncomfortably off the walls of the great halls.

What portent the evening could have forewarned, none cared to speculate, though many did comment on how unseasonably dull the light from their sun seemed to be as the day dragged onward.

Welcome to Mist Heart…

Mist Heart

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